Top 5 Bad SEO practices - sure to kill your rankings!

Make amends and  stop   any of the bad practices that have fallen out of favour in the currently 'good' SEO parameters, set by Google and their latest algorithm’s.

EonicWeb5 Latest Release

The team at Eonic are proud to announce the latest release of our EonicWeb5 content management system. This latest release introduces more updates to keep the platform current and easy to use.

What your business can learn from Mossack Fonseca

This week we heard about perhaps the biggest data breach in history, that has toppled world leaders and thrown a huge spotlight on tax avoidance. Read on to find out how this might affect your business.

EonicWeb5 Reaches 100!

We have reached the 100th minor update of EonicWeb5. This means that our clients continue to see improvements to their website and the features available to them when they update their site.

This update launched today contains a number of improvements to our shopping cart system primarily to email customers about delivery and providing parcel tracking links. We have also added a tool to allow page re-directs to be managed with the CMS platform. Along well many other minor improvements.

Eonic are now Google AdWords Certified

Eonic customers benefit from years of research, development and best practice of SEO and online marketing. In addition we are are now Adwords Certified.

What Every Business Owner Should know

Responsive Design allows your website to respond to the device that is being viewed on.

Eonic Moves to Microsoft Azure

Eonic is proud to announce the completion of a full migration of our hosting environment to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Sean O’Connor – Web Performance Kickstart

Learn how Eonic designs a website for optimum web performance

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