Eonic Moves to Microsoft Azure

Eonic is proud to announce the completion of a full migration of our hosting environment to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The team at Eonic have always taken pride in our hosting infrastructure, investing in the highest spec solutions to ensure your sites perform as expected with the high levels of availability our customers deserve. 

For a long time a high spec physical server with redundant hardware was the best way to deliver this, however advances in Virtualization platforms have now reached a tipping point where physical servers are no longer the right option for us.

Recently our physical servers had reached an age where the physical hardware was at a higher risk of failure and spares were not always readily available. On a virtual platform this is entirely avoided and managed by a third party.

The process of migrating hundreds of websites was a massive job that we have completed in less than 2 months, the project was led by Bradley King who did a superb job. All sites are now upgraded and run on the latest EonicWeb5 software on a series of Virtual Machines specifically optimised for the job.

After considerable research Eonic has opted for the Microsoft Azure cloud for our future hosting. Our expertise is in delivering websites on the Microsoft .Net platform specifically our content management platform EonicWeb5 mean that a high level of expertise in Windows Server was an essential for us and who better than Microsoft themselves.

Being Microsoft Partners and using the Azure platform gives us access to a wealth of technical expertise at Microsoft to ensure our hosting environment is tuned specifically for our system. This has already proved invaluable and the new environment runs faster and more reliably than ever.

Microsoft Azure Offers the following benefits to us and our customers.

  • Scalable servers that can be upgraded in a matter of minutes.
  • Managed backups and storage solutions
  • A global network of datacentres
  • Fantastic fast connectivity
  • A vast range of compatible services we can integrate with such as Azure Media Streaming
  • Flexible billing and licencing models to allow us to keep flexible and competitive
  • Access to Microsoft experts.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their assistance and patience during this migration.

We now look forward to a bright future, and the benefits Microsoft Azure will bring to us and our customers.


Trevor Spink