EonicWeb5 Reaches 100!

We have reached the 100th minor update of EonicWeb5. This means that our clients continue to see improvements to their website and the features available to them when they update their site.

This update launched today contains a number of improvements to our shopping cart system primarily to email customers about delivery and providing parcel tracking links. We have also added a tool to allow page re-directs to be managed with the CMS platform. Along well many other minor improvements.

We have added the following features:

  • The ability to add "Carriers" onto the system such as "Royal Mail" and "TNT" from these you can configure wording to email to the customer when delivery is scheduled.

  • The ability to send an email to the customer informing them that their delivery is on it way, this may contain a link to a tracking code if entered.

  • Ecommerce sites can now be configured to show a shipping cost based on a default delivery country prior to a user adding an address.

  • Addition of the ability to manage page redirects in the system to allow users to setup a redirect from old pages to new ones.
  • Improvements on how the image library handles memory on the server to reduce the incidence of the image library not loading, error.

  • Resolve the issue for sites where the new registered users need to click an authentication link

  • Numberous improvements to off-the-shelf themes.

  • Dates used on email forms now arrive in UK date format.

  • Modify copy content to allow relationships to related content to also be copied.

  • Enabled products to select a discount groups, (requires bespoke change)

  • Enabled Google Product Feeds to list a single "product category / discount group"