Driving more traffic to your website

Being happy with the functionality and design of your website is the first step to optimising your online business presence, but what if your website isn’t visible to the right people?

Imagine it: you’ve poured your business vision into a responsive, attractive website that explains exactly what you do and where you’re based. Despite this, your website still isn’t converting or even getting clicks – this is a frustrating situation to be in, especially if you’re hoping to shift your business offering to an online space. Here are the steps you need to be taking to get more web traffic by ensuring your website is visible and accessible to the right audience.  

Paying attention to your SEO

At a basic level, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – we’ve got a blogpost about SEO if the term is not familiar – when working on your website. Put simply, this is the process of ensuring your website can be found in search engines, like Google, for when people type in words and phrases that are relevant to what your site offers. This process includes inserting keywords throughout your website, ensuring your site has an efficient load time, and keeping the site stocked with regular content so that the search engine ‘crawlers’ begin to notice your website and boost it up in the result rankings. Some ways that you can implement SEO tactics into your site include:

  • Adding keywords to sections of text: At Eonic, for example, we ensure the keyword phrases like ‘web design’ and ‘digital marketing’ are reiterated throughout our content so that search engines recognise us as a reputable source for these areas.
  • Keep load times short: According to this Think with Google article, if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, just over half of visitors will leave the page. Keep this audience engaged and your load times slow by ensuring your images are no larger than 500 KB, and compressing and optimising the content you currently have.
  • Post regular content: A great method for ensuring content is regularly uploaded to your website is a blog page – ours is a good example! By retaining a steady upload schedule of informative blogs about your business, you can both boost your keywords and keep your website actively producing content – hitting two SEO birds with one stone.

Investing in social media

Another aspect that is important to retaining a flow of traffic to your website is social media. By investing some time in an external form of digital marketing outside of your website itself, you widen the audience of potential visitors to your site. We’ve got a blogpost on social media strategy, you can achieve a fresh new audience travelling to your website by:

  1. Building your following: make the effort to reach out to local businesses and customers, make connections and engage with other organisations by liking, commenting and sharing content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Telling your audience about new content: You have a wealth of information stocked up on your website – so use it! Inform your connections when you have posted a new blog or insight, as it could be of value to them, and they can click through to your site.
  3. Consider paid social: Invest in paid social media ads that broaden your reach and have the potential to make impressions on customers in your area.

Driving traffic to your website will never be an instant outcome – it takes time to build an impressive SEO ranking, an engaged following, and a perfect website. By investing time in identifying your keywords and creating quality content, you can improve the quality of your website traffic, which should result in more business. And if page load times are still giving you hassle, you know who to call!