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perfect number of email campaigns

What’s the secret balance for sending newsletters?

Every marketer wants the secret to the ‘perfect’ number of email campaigns they should send to their subscribers to get the best engagement - but not so much they start to switch off and unsubscribe!

brand marketing design refresh kent

The tell-tale signs your brand needs a refresh

  A brand refresh is a great way to realign your changing business to maximise engagement with potential customers. We’ve listed our top reasons to shake up your style, that justify the one-off time and costs that come with a brand design overhaul. 

Geo Locator landing pages

How geolocator pages can strengthen your SEO

If your website isn't ranking well for relevant online searches, geolocator pages could provide a vital SEO injection.

design a website with a great user experience

How to create a website with a great user experience

If your company’s website hasn’t quite taken off yet, it may be time to rethink your user experience. 

website key questions to ask

The question you must ask to get the right website

The killer question you need to ask to get a website that really delivers on your business goals.

using structured data in web-design sussex surrey kent

Everything you need to know about structured data in your website

New to JSON-LD? We explain why it could be the secret weapon that your website needs.

web design wireframe digital strategy sussex surrey kent

What is a website wireframe – and why do you need one?

When getting started on a website project, it’s easy to want to jump in head first. However, a website wireframe should always be part of your plan.

ecommerce digital marketing tips web design kent

Top tips for creating the best ecommerce experience

Nowadays, consumers can buy just about anything online. There’s never been a better time for your business to be in ecommerce.

social media digital marketing seo web design kent

How social media can boost your website traffic

Social media marketing strategies are a great way to point traffic towards your website and products, but they require patience.

digital visitor to customer conversion web design kent

Converting your website visitors to customers

Getting your ideal audience to your website can be tricky, but converting them into customers is the next vital step.

creating web design brief digital marketing kent

Creating a brief for your web designer

Time for a new website? Whilst getting started might seem daunting, creating a brief is a great way to tell your web designer what you want.   

cost effective digital marketing sme business web design kent

Cost effective ideas to get you started with marketing your business

Marketing budgets saw a drop at the beginning of lockdown, but more people are seeing it as an investment, rather than a cost.  

business leadership preparing for lockdown easing SME kent

Preparing your business for the easing of lockdown

If you’re a business owner, times of change lie just ahead as the easing of restrictions allow business to (almost) carry on as usual.

website accessibility web design advice kent

5 ways to make your website accessible to all

When promoting your business, you want to be as inclusive as possible to keep all of your potential client base catered to. 

branding discovery process web logo design kent

Getting your brand recognised anywhere

There is huge value in getting your brand instantly recognised. Ever been hungry on a long drive and taken comfort in seeing McDonald’s golden arches pop up in the distance? 

avoiding burnout business leadership SME kent

How to avoid burnout as a business owner

How can you manage your business so you’re not burnt out when lockdown restrictions lift?

website design minimalist flat design elements

The rise of flat design and clean minimalist websites

Clean looking minimalist websites and simple interfaces are in increasingly high demand. When launching a new website what should you consider to achieve business success and what are the design trends that you need to consider?

user experience UX web design kent

Prioritising user experience in web design

Have you ever visited a website and felt confused or overwhelmed by how the content was organised? User experience in web design focuses on removing this problem.

paperless eco friendly digital communications earth day

The benefits of going digital and saving paper

How could going digital help our businesses be more eco-friendly?

dark mode design social media web theme

The pros and cons of dark mode – and when to use it in web design

Dark mode is a growing trend in web design. Here’s how you can bring dark mode UI into your own designs.

unhappy with web designer website

What to do if you’re unhappy with your web designer

Whether your business is big or small, just starting out, long-established, local or global, in this digital age, your website will inevitably be a crucial part of it.  So, what do you do when your relationship with your web designer turns sour?

website design aided by CMS support web hosting

CMS Support and web hosting live together in perfect harmony

Even if you have a beautiful website with great user experience, these two elements could cause its downfall

rebranding target audience twitter rebrand design

How you can learn from Twitter’s rebrand

Your customers’ values and preferences are changing all the time, and it’s important to cater for them.

digital national careers week 2021 web design

Why digital is an exciting career path

This year’s National Careers Week comes at an interesting time, where work is more online-based than ever. What new roles are opening up in the digital world?

moving email to microsoft 365

Benefits of migrating your email to Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a business must-have, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s how can you implement it to improve business efficiency.

covid grants and support for SME digital agency kent

Grants available for SMEs during Covid and how we can help your business

Despite the ongoing vaccination programme and the slight recent reduction in infection rates, there is still no clarity as to when we will come out of lockdown, putting ongoing pressure on SMEs. We look at what grants are available to businesses now and how we can help with your digital needs.

love what you do SME business entrepreneurship digital agency kent

Why it’s important to love what you do

With Valentine’s Day over… Whether you celebrated or not this year, are you showing love to the other special someone in your life – your business?

importance of business ethics digital agency kent

The importance of outlining your business ethics

Last year was a learning curve for business owners. How do ethics come into play as we take stock for 2021?

2021 marketing strategy expectations digital web design kent

What to expect for your business in 2021

Predicting the future feels particularly daunting after the year small businesses have experienced. However, there are trends and themes that are likely to shape the landscape for business in 2021.

social media events 2021 seasonal digital marketing kent

Setting up your business socials for seasonal events

A new year means a new series of events and national holidays to celebrate. Even though many occasions will be virtual this year, you can still make the most of every celebration with an organised social media calendar.

website design trends digital marketing 2021

Top web design trends for 2021

Web design trends are the talk of the industry at the beginning of every year, predicting futuristic and game-changing ideas. Our 2021 predictions sort the fads from the must-haves.

new digital strategy for your business in the new year

New Year – New Digital Strategy

A new year is upon us, which means out with the old and in with the new. Why not set your business off on the right foot with a new digital strategy for 2021?

how to boost SEO using backlinks

Using backlinks to build up your SEO

We’ve talked about the SEO basics like keywords, URLs and consistent content, but it’s helpful to look more in-depth at the fundamentals of improving your search ranking.

choosing web design agency tunbridge wells kent

How to choose the right web-design agency for your business

Choosing your web-design agency is an important decision – you need to know that your business is going to be showcased in the way you want.

blog optimisation seo web design kent

Optimising blogs on your business’s website

Whether you’re posting them to boost your SEO, put out valuable resources for your audience, or both, your blogs need to be optimised. 

ecommerce buying habits web design kent

How web design determines what you buy online

With Black Friday approaching, you may be considering an online shopping spree. But how does web design ensure that we find what we’re looking for and that we actually go ahead and buy it?

Geo Locator landing pages

How to boost SEO and attract customers with local landing pages

In a time where audiences like content to be more personal than ever, it’s always in your business’s best interest to tailor your website to your visitors in as many ways as possible.

2021 how to best prepare your business plan for

Business planning for 2021: will your strategy have to change?

It’s very clear that coronavirus is going to be part of our lives in 2021, so how can you best prepare your business for the new year?

How we can help your businesses during lockdown

How we can help your businesses in lockdown 2.0

Businesses are struggling at the moment, and having an online space has never been more important. So, how can we help?

website that works for your business five top tips

Five tips to make your website work for your business

Websites are there to enhance, support and optimise your business. Here are our five top tips to ensure that your website is operating as effectively and efficiently as it should be.

cms software business digital marketing web design kent

Five considerations to ensure your CMS works for you

It’s common practice for businesses to use CMS software to format their website – but with so many types available, how do you know which platform is best for you?

aid social media campaigns how to get them to meet your objectives

How to run paid social media campaigns that deliver on your objectives

With the UK spending more time than ever online, could paid social media ads be the best way for your business to reach consumers?

website traffic seo strategy web marketing

Driving more traffic to your website

Being happy with the functionality and design of your website is the first step to optimising your online business presence, but what if your website isn’t visible to the right people?

cms software pros cons digital marketing web design kent

Evaluating the pros and cons of CMS platforms

Crafting a website from scratch can seem like a daunting task – where does one begin? Your first step is to enlist the help of a CMS…

website that works for your business five questions to ask

Five questions to ask to get a website that works for your business

Having a good website for your business is crucial in demonstrating legitimacy, positive brand recognition and also in driving sales. What questions should you be asking your website designers to end up with an effective and efficient website?

coronavirus free grant website SEO kent tunbridge wells

Free website updates for business recovery

Would a new website help your business recover from coronavirus? We can help you apply for a grant which could cover the cost.

creative digital marketing strategies during coronavirus covid 19

Keeping your digital marketing strategies creative during coronavirus

It may be some time before UK Plc reopens completely – here’s how to keep your digital marketing strategies creative while social distancing persists.

digital strategy increase your social media engagement

Five ways to increase your social media engagement

With the UK spending more time online and face-to-face interaction with consumers being strained with coronavirus restrictions, it’s more important than ever to have positive interactions with your clients online. But how?

digital marketing strategy Instagram

Should Instagram be part of your digital marketing strategy

More than just a platform for millennials’ pictures of their avocado-on-toast, Instagram is a social network with over a billion users, perhaps allowing your business to reach an untapped market.  

secure your business against a local lockdown

Five steps to secure your business against a local lockdown

It’s becoming clear that the reopening of the economy is not going to be a linear journey. With local lockdowns already announced, how can you ensure that your business would survive renewed restrictions?

digital marketing strategy post lockdown tik tok

Should you jump on the TikTok marketing bandwagon?

Many brands successfully leveraged TikTok as part of their marketing strategy during lockdown – should you join them?

digital marketing strategy women female customers

Marketing to women in 2020 – what you need to know

Women are the most significant demographic when it comes to purchasing decisions, but there are key pitfalls to avoid when marketing to them.

digital marketing strategy email marketing to deliver client sales

How to run email marketing campaigns that deliver sales

With customers still nervous about visiting physical stores, email marketing remains an essential strategy to retain engagement and drive sales – our tips will help you get it right.

digital marketing strategy search engine optimisation business website easy wins

Five easy wins to boost your business website SEO

Boosting your website SEO is vital for business success as we emerge from lockdown – we show you how.

digital marketing strategies coronavirus covid 19 makes local important

Why local is more important than ever for digital marketing strategies

The coronavirus crisis has created a new appetite for local – here’s how to leverage this within your digital marketing strategy

digital marketing strategy optimise coronavirus covid 19 after lockdown

How to optimise your post-lockdown digital marketing strategy

Coronavirus has reshaped your customers’ experiences, expectations and budgets – so it’s time to rethink your digital marketing strategy

strong e commerce strategies that drive customers to your store

Why e-commerce remains important as shops reopen

Retaining a strong e-commerce strategy will help drive customers to your store and create a stronger multi-channel retail platform 

changing marketing and messaging strategies to reach customers post covid

Has coronavirus reshaped your ideal client avatars?

Covid-19 has changed your customers’ experiences and outlook – which may mean changing your marketing messaging and strategies

Improve your SEO with business directory listings

Make the most of business directories

A simple way to attract more potential customers to your site

What size should my images be for social media

What size should my images be for social media?

Use top-quality images to make your business stand out online

Are your dynamic ads working as well as they could

Are your dynamic ads working as well as they could?

Get best value from your advertising budget with dynamic ads

Is my website safe from attacks

Is my website safe from attacks?

Eight ways to defend your digital assets

Move your business online

Move your business online

Why should I move my business online?

Use social media to maintain your networks

Use social media to maintain your networks

Ideas to maintain your connections with other organisations without meeting face-to-face

How Eonics Kent-based web designers stay motivated while working remotely

How Eonic’s Kent-based web designers stay motivated while working remotely

Working at home is not for everyone, but with a few simple steps you can improve your experience

Easy ways to improve your online store

Easy ways to improve your online store

Are you ready to give your web shop an edge over the competition?

Are there leads in your visitor data

Are there leads in your visitor data?

Can you gain valuable data from your website traffic?

How to write cracking case studies

How to write cracking case studies

Case studies: a narrative tool that is content gold for you and your suppliers

How great web design can improve conversion rates

How great web design can improve conversion rates

Supercharge your conversion rates with top-notch web design

What to do if your web developer ghosts you

What to do if your web developer ghosts you

You need to update your website, but you can’t get hold of your web designer

Create an irresistible call to action

Create an irresistible call to action

Let readers know what you want from them with a great call to action

Could you do a podcast

Could you do a podcast?

A podcast is a great way to share insights about your sector...whether you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field or you’d just like to share your thoughts about 'stuff', consider starting a podcast.

Five resolutions for engaging content
Pick the right domain name

Pick the right domain name

Do you need a descriptive domain name or a branded domain name?

Information architecture

Information architecture

A website with good architecture will take you to exciting places

Do your clients want an online course

Do your clients want an online course?

Put a professional-looking course on your website quickly and easily

Be a picture research ninja

Be a picture research ninja

Efficient picture research saves time and gets results that look great

Do you know these 8 productivity hacks

Do you know these 8 productivity hacks?

Better results for less effort with more productivity

Scheduled content is strong content

Scheduled content is strong content

Keep your social media and website fuelled with a content schedule

What are the benefits of a great-looking website

What are the benefits of a great-looking website?

We have in-house web design specialists at Eonic because we understand how important website appearance is and how it relates to ease-of-use.

Top 10 tech-related business ideas

Top 10 tech-related business ideas

There are many ideas for technology-related   businesses out there that allow entrepreneurs with some tech-savvy to put their experience into building successful new companies.

ProteanCMS sees its latest upgrade

ProteanCMS sees its latest upgrade

The team at Eonic are proud to announce the latest release of the ProteanCMS platform, with some exciting new features and improved performance.

5G update

5G update

Sounds great on paper...if you're in an area that's got coverage, AND a device that can handle it...

Top 20 Windows 10 shortcuts you perhaps didnt know about

Top 20 Windows 10 shortcuts you [perhaps] didn't know about...

Okay, so we all know Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (or should do), but what about these other nifty keyboard 'hacks'...

Good morning sirmadam how are you today

'Good morning sir/madam, how are you today...?'

We've all heard this immortal line...and put your hand up who's heart sinks a little as you deliberate how best to rid yourself of the 'annoyance' on the other end of the phone? Hold that thought, the UX/CX could just be about to get a whole lot better for everyone in the CRM equation...building brand loyalty in the process.

Social media regulationone law to rule them all

Social media law to rule them all?

Social media is a powerful tool...especially in the wrong hands. But enough about @RealDonaldTrump's Twitter feed...

20 predictions around the impact of 5G

20 predictions around the impact of 5G

Most of us have heard the buzz over 5G, but what will it really mean to everyone when we finally get this super-fast wireless broadband technology?

Facebooks dedicated gaming tab - hit or miss

Facebook's dedicated gaming tab - hit or miss?

Over the past few years, Facebook’s modus operandi has involved trying to expand its territory which involves 'borrowing' some of the features that are being offered by its competitors.

4 LinkedIn video marketing trends you NEED to be aware of

4 LinkedIn video marketing trends you NEED to be aware of

Have you noticed how much more prevalent video has become on LinkedIn? That’s no fluke. Throughout 2018, LinkedIn ushered in a suite of changes that made video content a first-class citizen. From its video advertising rollout to the ability to upload videos natively to company pages, it’s obvious that LinkedIn was really pushing and rewarding B2B video content on their platform.

20 Content Ideas for the Social Media Savvy Business of 2019

20 Content Ideas for the Social Media Savvy Business of 2019

So, your business already has an active social media presence, you’ve got a well-researched strategy and you’re pretty savvy when it comes to marketing your organisation across social networks. Then what next...?

Sending Email to Office 365 with Powershell

Sending Email to Office 365 with Powershell

Any decent server administrator will have a bunch of Powershell scripts automating tasks on your server.

We have tasks to delete historic database backups and delete historic website log files and the like.

Rise of the RoBots

Rise of the [Ro]Bots

To spread misinformation like wildfire, bots will strike a match on social media and then urge REAL people to fan the flames...and boy, were they fanned to dramatic effect only quite recently...


"AI, AI...oh!"

We think Old McDonald - and his farm-hands for that matter - might have surprised us with many uses for artificial intelligence (AI)...people have been dreaming up various applications for decades. But the reality of what it’s accomplishing is changing both our present and future.

Mobiles making video marketing more important than ever

Mobiles; making video marketing more important than ever

With a well-rounded marketing strategy, you can reach potential customers through a variety of mediums — video included. But, the sheer number of mobile devices means you should pay even more attention to video marketing. We discuss why...

Want to improve employee retention Try implementing a Learning Management System

Want to improve employee retention? Try implementing a Learning Management System.

As a business owner, it’s easy to understand the benefits of improved employee retention. Actually knowing how to do it is another matter.

The Next Mobile Economy is not the NME

The Next Mobile Economy is not the NME

I've been mulling for some time what demands business leaders face from the Next Mobile Economy, or NME – ‘enemy’...did you see what I did there?!

Talking the same language

Talking the same language...

I question whether language barriers actually exist these days...

Medway B2B Expo 2018

Medway B2B Expo 2018

Come and visit us on Stand 107

Eonic strengthen team as Steve Cooper joins crew

Eonic strengthen team as Steve Cooper joins crew

In line with their continuing growth, Kent-based web strategists Eonic, have appointed Steve Cooper to their senior management team as Business Development Director.

Time for the cobblers to get new shoes

Time for the cobblers to get new shoes...

Kent-based web agency Eonic, have announced a complete re-brand in line with their business strategy, as well as an all new website.

Sales call scripts

Sales call scripts

Hint:  Before dialing, think through the different ways your conversation could branch.

Insights into FAQs

Insights into FAQs

Why should I have FAQs on my website?

Email newsletters

Email newsletters

Four reasons why your organisation needs a newsletter

Are You a B2B or B2C SMB

Are You a B2B or B2C SMB?

Is it the era of texting that has brought about the new love for abbreviations?

Content audit

Content audit

Why should I audit my website?

Get the best from backlinks

Get the best from backlinks

How do backlinks improve my search engine ranking?


Re-use, recycle and relax

Making your content work harder means you can save time, effort and money


Who are your ideal clients?

Your avatar is a valuable team member – do you know who they are?

Get your people talking

Get your people talking

Six types of website content that will give your organisation a human face


Is your 2018 in focus ?

Happy New Year, the start of a new year is always a good time re-focus and review your strategy and goals.


Seven steps to polished, professional content

Poor spelling and clumsy phrasing in your website copy at best give the same impression as a jam stain on your jacket, and at worst could drive away your potential clients. There is only one protection: editing.


Use the news - 5 tips for creating authoritative news content

Skimming the news each morning is a habit that many of us have, and you may even think of it as a time sink. However, the stories about your industry that are of interest to you will be of interest to your clients, too.


New brand and website for FMCG recruitment specialist

Learn how the team at Eonic worked with Vertex to develop a entirely new brand and marketing approach tailored specifically to their market sector.


Medway B2B Expo 2017

Join Eonic on Stand 118


The Business Show 2017 - Great Success

The Eonic team had a stand at The Business Show at the Excel Centre in London this week. As part of the programme Trevor Spink our Managing Partner hosted a seminar session on the 10 Steps to Achieve Website success.


Visit Eonic at the Business Show 2017

Come and find us Stand No: 3114 and find out how we can ensure your ideas take flight


Essential Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Website

Website Success Consultant Trevor Spink has over 20 years experience building successful websites. In this quick easy to read article he offers an essential check list to ensure your website is ready for winning new business this spring.


Mobile Web Design

Last year, mobile web browsing overtook desktop use for the first time. By December, mobile users accounted for  50.25%*  of the market share compared with desktops  44.74%*.


How to achieve website success - Where to start

Nowadays anyone can build a website – or so it seems? You only have to search online and you will find Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Wordpress, all claiming it’s easy to build your own website.

However, building a successful website that delivers measurable results is a different ball game altogether.


Top 5 Bad SEO practices - sure to kill your rankings!

Make amends and  stop   any of the bad practices that have fallen out of favour in the currently 'good' SEO parameters, set by Google and their latest algorithm’s.


EonicWeb5 Latest Release

The team at Eonic are proud to announce the latest release of our EonicWeb5 content management system. This latest release introduces more updates to keep the platform current and easy to use.


What your business can learn from Mossack Fonseca

This week we heard about perhaps the biggest data breach in history, that has toppled world leaders and thrown a huge spotlight on tax avoidance. Read on to find out how this might affect your business.


EonicWeb5 Reaches 100!

We have reached the 100th minor update of EonicWeb5. This means that our clients continue to see improvements to their website and the features available to them when they update their site.

This update launched today contains a number of improvements to our shopping cart system primarily to email customers about delivery and providing parcel tracking links. We have also added a tool to allow page re-directs to be managed with the CMS platform. Along well many other minor improvements.


Eonic are now Google AdWords Certified

Eonic customers benefit from years of research, development and best practice of SEO and online marketing. In addition we are are now Adwords Certified.


What Every Business Owner Should know

Responsive Design allows your website to respond to the device that is being viewed on.


Eonic Moves to Microsoft Azure

Eonic is proud to announce the completion of a full migration of our hosting environment to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Sean O’Connor – Web Performance Kickstart

Learn how Eonic designs a website for optimum web performance