Dov Skipper

Web performance, SEO & online marketing

Dov Skipper
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Dov Skipper

Web performance, SEO & online marketing

Dov has been with Eonic since 2011 and is an expert in search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and search strategy. He has a wealth of knowledge, ensuring the sites we build are optimised to deliver the best results. Meta data, content marketing, customer engagement, calls-to-action, backlinks, SEO and social media are all part of Dov’s domain; his insights are an invaluable piece of your web presence jigsaw.

Dov enjoys researching different business niches through the work that he does, firstly focusing on keyword and competitor research, then moving on to position a website where it will gain the most relevant traffic that converts into sales and greater engagement. He’s totally obsessed with achieving high rankings in Google and helping the clients he works with succeed in business.

What our partners say

“Dov built our website ( and we are thrilled with it. Dov comes in to sschool to teach web design and SEO to our students and they all rate him as one of their favourite mentors. I have recommended Dov to so many people because I know that he will always be professional, come up with good work and be a pleasure to work with.”

Marc Lewis , Dean at School of Communication Arts

“Dov designed and produced my website after unsuccessfully working with other designers. He had great insight and intuition on how I would like to portray my company. It certainly has increased my business since the website has been active.”

Antonia Boyle , Course Director and NLP Master Practitioner at Alpha Waves International

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