Monarch Chemicals

Monarch Chemicals is a chemical distribution company established in 1989. They offer a professional and reliable distribution service throughout the UK, providing a complete package that encompasses everything that a business could need, from simple commodity chemicals to complex blends.

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Increase in website enquiries during the first month after launch
Increase in target search terms on page 1 of Google

The brief

Monarch's existing website was dated, difficult to update and did not work well on mobile devices. Ultimately it was not providing sufficient sales leads for the company to grow. Therefore, one of the key remits of the new website was to generate new leads and convert them into customers.

Our solution

We undertook a full strategic Discovery Process consultancy with the client, identifying in detail the requirements of their ideal customer. This persona enabled us to fine tune the design of the website for the target audience.

As well as the strategy, design and build, Eonic Digital supplied bespoke work around how the chemicals Monarch supplied to the market were listed. This included usage information, not only listing the chemicals they provided but the relationships and interactions between them.

We also undertook and managed all of Monarch's ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns, which have provided a considerable return on investment.