Into The Blue

One of the UK's leading experience day retailers, Into The Blue, came to us to help manage and re-engineer their platform. Selling thousands of different types of experience days from hundreds of suppliers, our team handles the sales of the experience vouchers and the management of all supplier voucher redemptions online. This is a truly bespoke and advanced enterprise-level eCommerce platform transacting hundreds of orders daily.

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The brief

Our team was asked to oversee the company's existing offshore development team and address issues with payment errors in the run up to Christmas. We worked with the team on an ongoing basis to reduce bugs and add new features. Once we had reduced the day-to-day bugs on the system we were asked to put forward proposals for re-engineering the site on an updated framework. The project was delivered and is now actively managed and maintained by our team.

Our solution

Our first step was to enforce professional processes to the development team. We adopted weekly meetings and an agile-style approach to delivering updates. We enforced strict DevOps procedures, ensuring all code was managed correctly through GIT, and was tested both locally and then on a staging server. We then collated an accurate log of all the bugs in the system, focusing on the problems where the development team were routinely being diverted to fix issues with live customer orders.

Like a lot of bespoke systems the platform was carrying a lot of technical debt. Our focus was to reduce this wherever possible looking at where we could create long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.