Information architecture

A website with good architecture will take you to exciting places

Information architecture is arguably the most important part of the web developing process. It is the bones of your website. We make decisions about information architecture early on in the web design process, because it is so important to the success of your website.

What is information architecture?

Information architecture is a series of decisions about what content you want to share and how you want to organise it.

It’s important to get your information architecture right because done well it ensures that your website is sustainable. This means that your site can grow with your business and flex as your market changes. This maximises the return on the investment you have made.

It also ensures that the information about your products and services is presented in a way that is helpful and appealing to your desired clients . And it reduces your admin burden by letting your site answer questions before your clients ask them, and by collecting the information you need automatically.

Good information architecture improves usability and findability – so if it’s done well, your website will be easier to use than those of your competitors.

Early steps in your web development journey

As we get to know you and your business, we can guide you through the information architecture decisions. We can then build a wireframe site, also known as screen blueprints and page schematics. This allows you to explore your website before the creative phase (design and content) begins.

The wireframe allows you to explore the site and better understand your clients’ pathways around it before you make decisions about the design and start generating the content.

Get the bones right and everything else falls into place

A website with good architecture just feels… right. You’ll find that the content almost generates itself. And the user experience (UX) is so smooth that the users – your clients – find their way around confidently. This leaves them feeling confident about you and your products and services – and makes them more likely to come back for more.

We use the principles of cognitive psychology in our information architecture work. This is one reason why we spend so long getting to know you and your clients. We like to think about:

Decision-making – by providing the right information at the right time you can have a strong influence on client decision-making.

Mental models – users have assumptions, based on prior experience of organisations offering similar services, about where to find the information they want. Real world and online experiences help form these assumptions. So as part of our discovery process, we find out what your clients expect and ensure that your website satisfies them.

Cognitive load – is how much information a user can process. We tailor our site to your users to ensure it feels just right.

To learn more about information architecture, we recommend UX Booth’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture.

Ready when you are

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