ProteanCMS sees its latest upgrade

The team at Eonic are proud to announce the latest release of the ProteanCMS platform, with some exciting new features and improved performance.

ProteanCMS is an industry leading web content management and Ecommerce platform that is heavily contributed to by the team here at Eonic.

Protean has a range of key differences from other platforms in the way it is managed and deployed. The code behind Protean is deployed at a server level rather than a website level, which brings the following advantages:

  1. When we perform updates, all sites immediately benefit from the changes.
  2. Maintaining a website becomes much easier, because we know they are all working on the same code.
  3. Faults found and fixed for one customer benefits all customers.
  4. New features developed for one customer - if useful for all - can be easily rolled out to all customers.

The Protean architecture also allows us to develop bespoke features for specific clients that are not included within the main code base. Therefore, it is a platform that really can give every customer all the features they want.

In today's release we have delivered the following:

  • Improved the 'admin preview' feature and combined with the 'impersonate' feature, allowing an Admin user to preview the website as if they are logged on as any other specific user, and then return to the admin system.
  • For Ecommerce customers, from within Admin, you can re-establish abandoned shopping carts and complete orders with a customer on the phone.
  • We have begun the shift to using C# as the main development language.
  • We have shifted to using the updated and faster Chrome Base V8 Javascript engine for processing of .Less CSS transforms.
  • We have added user information to the Admin system.
  • We have updated a number of 3rd party libraries we use for bundling and transforming CSS and Javascript.

Next in the development pipeline, we intend to further improve the preview functionality to allow unsaved content items to be previewed as they might look on the site.

We will also be looking to add 'Preview by Date', allowing the date to be changed in 'Preview mode' to show the website as it would be on a specified date, respecting the publish and expire dates of content items.

If as a user of Protean you would like to see other features, please feel free to request them here...

...or feel free to call or email Eonic support to discuss.