Time for the cobblers to get new shoes...

Kent-based web agency Eonic, have announced a complete re-brand in line with their business strategy, as well as an all new website.

“These days, you seemingly can’t lob a brick in the South East without hitting another web designer”, so says Trevor Spink, managing partner at Kent-based web strategists, Eonic. He continues,

“The cost of entry and skill levels required to build websites today are incredibly low; the likes of Wix, Weebly and Wordpress mean almost anyone can produce a half-decent looking site. It's against this backdrop that year on year, Eonic’s vision for the future has become bolder and braver. We’ve evolved into a digital consultancy; strategists, backed up by bespoke, precise web design and development. We’re all about partnering with clients, delivering results and not just pretty sites. There’s real substance to the value we add by perfectly aligning the web strategy with their business goals.”

Eonic have just announced a major overhaul to their brand and offering, as well as their open source content management system. Aside from launching a new website, complete with top-level .com domain, they’ve re-branded their highly-rated CMS EonicWeb 5, as ProteanCMS.

Spink goes on to say,

“We’ve reflected this evolution in our ‘Journey of Discovery space theme’ that runs throughout the new branding, including the website and social media channels.” 

When asked about the name change and brand-styling for their CMS; was there any difference to the software?

“Absolutely not”, he said. “It’s still the same ultra-flexible, modular platform. We made the software open-source some time ago, but felt it now warranted a stand-alone name; one that would appeal to other agencies to use as a platform for their own customers. It’s something we thought long and hard about. In fact, the dictionary definition of ‘protean’ is “able to easily change; to be versatile” and that’s perfectly encapsulated in ProteanCMS.”

Eonic’s new website is due to go live on Tuesday 4th September at eonic.com and details of the CMS can be found at proteancms.com