Re-use, recycle and relax

Making your content work harder means you can save time, effort and money

Efficiency is often overlooked in the creative process – but as with any business resource, you can gain an edge by making best use of your content. Here are a dozen tips to help you do just that.

1. Can this blogpost work as a tweet?
You’ll be wanting to share your content with as many people as possible. Don’t just tweet a heading and a link, though: challenge yourself to condense your point into a re-tweetable 280 characters.

2. What about an infographic?
If your clients are hungry for infographics to use in presentations, you can generate goodwill and get eyes on your brand by making these available.

3. …or a video?
A talking head film – especially if it’s short – can get clients engaging with your content.

4. Raid your back catalogue
Blogposts over a year old can be re-used with a reference to a recent event or news story. And if you’ve gained experience or done some training, you can add further insight.

5. Which of your pages would make a good blog post?
If your website contains plenty of good quality content, you can use it for many, many blogposts. Take recent events as a current hook, and freshen up with a new introduction and links to the latest resources.

6. Use your staff profiles
When you are writing about staff achievements, grab relevant copy off your ‘meet the team page’ to save re-interviewing and re-writing.

7. Turn it around
Take an advice article you’ve published and invert it from a list of positive tips to a list of mistakes to avoid (or vice versa).

8. Expand…
As you gain experience and insight in your sector, you may find yourself able to expand a single tip into a whole article.

9. …and condense
If you’ve re-written posts as tweets, can you collate a series of them into a single article or a listicle?

10. Compilation posts
These are an easy win – collect together links to all your content on a single topic with a brief introduction and a sentence about each article.

11. Re-use your calls to action
Many organisations only have a few key messages. You might be advising clients to check their tyres, or to secure their tools, or encouraging them to make an appointment. Think about the wording for these. Write – or even save time by commissioning a professional copy-writer – a selection of paragraphs for each message and re-use them.

12. Different setting, same advice
Your clients and potential clients may need the same advice for different situations, and you can generate tailored content to answer these queries. For example, the advice you want to give to business travellers heading to the Middle East is similar to the advice you give to business travellers going to desert regions, but you can get two or more separate bits of content out of this.

What next?
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