Top tips for creating the best eCommerce experience

An eCommerce website allows you to build your brand, connect with more customers and sell products easily through the click of a button. We explain how to make sure your site is offering the best experience.

With consumers able to buy almost anything online these days, there has never been a better time to be in eCommerce. But does your website offer what your customers need?

We list the top considerations for creating the best buying experience for your potential customers.

Focusing on functionality

Your first review should look at how your website works and if you have got the correct logistics in place.

This includes:

  • Visible stock status: Keep availability of items clear to ensure your visitors are clear on what products are in stock.
  • Fully functional basket: Allow shoppers to modify their order whilst in the basket, such as removing items or changing quantities, to ensure a smoother experience.
  • Easy, trackable process: Using a progress indicator on the top of the screen will help your visitors to know how far they are in the checkout process.
  • Allow checkout as a guest: When online shoppers are in a rush they may not have time to create an account. By giving your visitors the option to check out as a guest, the more likely they will come back and sign up with an account.

Bringing web design to the forefront

Now for the fun part – making your shop look as exciting as you envisioned. Ensure your site is incorporating colours that are consistent with your brand, the design is engaging and your products are displayed in the best way possible.

These are our key pointers:

  • Keep the checkout interface simple: Your online checkout should be visually appealing, clear and functional
  • Provide photos: Make sure your products look professional in your shop and basket. Use optimum lighting and high-quality photographs to give your potential customers the best impression.
  • Include key details at a glance: Include images, specifications and links to each item in the shopping basket.

Functionality and design are integral to a fantastic eCommerce site that leaves your customers coming back for more. If you would like advice about creating an eCommerce website for your business, we would love to hear from you .

Top tips for creating the best eCommerce experience
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