Getting your brand recognised anywhere

There is huge value in getting your brand instantly recognised. Ever been hungry on a long drive and taken comfort in seeing McDonald’s golden arches pop up in the distance? 

By having an element of your brand that someone can recognise anywhere, you can expand your market reach and allow customers peace of mind when they’re familiar with the company that they’re dealing with. Here are some insights and tips for making your brand instantly recognisable.

Determining your company colours

Colour can have a huge impact on what we buy and especially how we perceive a brand. It’s one of the first things that someone will notice about a logo – and first impressions count! By putting attention and thought into your chosen company colours and whether they align with what your business is about, you can hone your marketing to become a better extension of your brand message.


Our client, ASL Recruitment, worked with us on their new company colours to get rid of the traditional hues that seemed disjointed with their brand. By replacing a pale palette with stronger tones, we ensured that the elements of their logo would stand with strength in marketing on digital devices, including social media posts and graphics.


Now, by identifying a clear selection of colours and creating a transferable logo, the ASL brand is much more recognisable and bold. Development and reworking of our client’s logos is just one of the branches of our brand development and discovery consultancy. At Eonic, we always emphasise that your logo and tagline are not your brand, but the main ways of communicating and symbolising it.


The value of transferrable marketing

Having a good logo is a massive help with forming your brand identity.  If you use the same logo anywhere your business has presence, it helps people form an association of your products with your brand, creating a unique and recognisable identity for your business.


And don’t forget – your logo won’t just appear on your products. Think of your marketing materials, such as your website, business cards, newsletters, and graphics. By making sure you have a consistent logo everywhere, it will streamline your customer journey, reinforcing your brand and what your logo stands for. Just like the golden arches!


It’s always a good idea to believe in the value in getting your brand instantly recognised. Incorporating an element of your brand that someone can associate with you at a glance allows you to expand your market reach and streamline the customer experience. If you’re interested in refining your branding, we’d love to hear from you .

Getting your brand recognised anywhere
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