Why digital is an exciting career path

This year’s National Careers Week comes at an interesting time, where work is more online-based than ever. What new roles are opening up in the digital world?

What did you want to be growing up? Chances are, digital marketing or web design may not have been above astronaut or fireman on your childhood list, but times are changing. With the career market opening up to a huge range of digital and online-based roles, we’ve taken a look at the top careers available to young jobseekers today.


What is National Careers Week?

This year, National Careers Week is taking place from 1st to 6th March 2021, bringing careers talks and events to students, educators and businesses. Founder, Nick Newman, came up with the idea for National Careers Week in 2010, after an impactful conversation about how to help students make effective choices about their future career. Now, #NCW2021 is a fantastic celebration of all things centered around careers guidance, which aims to support young people leaving education and moving on to employment.


Why is digital so great?

In a time of uncertainty, all things digital have proven to be resilient. As soon as we couldn’t meet together after lockdown was announced, teams flocked to videoconferencing applications and remote working – and we’ve been doing it for almost a year!

Many businesses have had to resort to social media and refining their websites to continue trading, so digital marketing and web design have seen a boom in business in the past ten months, and will likely continue to do so in 2021. And despite the controversy over travelling during lockdown, social media influencers have managed to thrive in their careers, (almost) unscathed. These are just a few of the benefits of pursuing a career in digital:

  • Flexibility: The ability to work from anywhere is a hugely appealing benefit in today’s climate. As routines and opinions about remote working and creating a work/life balance evolve, a career that takes place primarily online is a great place to explore. A more home-based work environment may well be the future, as 73% of marketers believe they are more productive when working from home. (Statista). A flexible, digital career makes this possible.
  • Resilience: During 2020, there was a huge digital shift, with both more millennials and boomers flocking to their screens, according to a study by Global Web Index. Alongside this, many businesses wouldn’t have been able to continue operating if it hadn’t been for online platforms.
  • New and exciting prospects: Platforms and algorithms are always changing, along with which designs are in or out, so you can guarantee that no two days will be the same.
  • Promising future: If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that having a noticeable digital presence as a business is incredibly important, meaning that more and more people are going to be needed to market, design, promote and converse in online spaces.


Different digital paths

Whatever preconceptions you may have about careers in digital, you may not be aware of the sheer magnitude of opportunities waiting for you. From design to code, copywriting to analytics tracking, the range is wide:

  • Digital marketing: Working in a team of content creators and strategists to deliver captivating communications for brands and businesses.
  • Web design: Creating exciting hubs for businesses to display their best work and attract new customers.
  • Coding: If you’re coding savvy and keen on building from the ground up, embrace your talent with a technical digital role.
  • Social media: Growing up with Facebook at your fingertips might mean you’re cut out for a career in social media creation and scheduling.


With today’s career market open to a huge range of digital and online-based job roles, young jobseekers have a promising future ahead with the resilient online market. Our committed team of digital-minded designers and coders can attest – it’s a fantastic place to be!