Benefits of migrating your email to Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a business must-have, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s how can you implement it to improve business efficiency.

Remote working has increased the need for cloud-based solutions more than ever, so it’s worthwhile considering the Office 365 package, which includes a cloud service as well as the full selection of Microsoft’s core programs. Staying connected wherever you are is just one of the benefits this program can bring your business. We have pulled together a collection of features in Office 365 which can streamline the way you work.

Efficiency and agile working

  • Gain access to the latest software versions: With a subscription to Office 365 for Business, the latest versions of the Office suite are at your fingertips. Bug fixes, security patches, performance improvements and more ensure flawless functionality.
  • Access the entire Office Suite: An Office 365 subscription isn’t just limited to the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and your Outlook emails. Teams lets you set up a text and video chat to work remotely with co-workers, enabling you to collaborate with little to no hiccups – as long as you master that pesky mute button!
  • Cloud-based storage allows you to work from anywhere: Cloud-powered Office 365 allows all your programs and files to be accessed from anywhere with a Wi-fi signal.


Security and web safety

Office 365 offers watertight security, ensuring your files and data are always protected. This includes:


  • Removing the need for hard disks: No physical hardware prevents the ability of data being stolen from the discarded disks.
  • Data encryption: Encryption when the device is resting, combined with the ability to send encrypted emails ensuring data and communications remain private.
  • Manageable account roles: This allows administrators to limit access to critical systems, meaning only those who have permission will get access.


Excel and experiment with your content

  • Flexibility of web and desktop software: Office 365 isn’t exclusively web-based – desktop versions of Office 2016 are available in addition to a web version. This gives you flexibility in the way that you work, giving you the ability to access files online and offline.
  • Collaborate creatively: Videoconferencing platforms available with Office 365 mean that you can easily set up video, audio and text chats with your co-workers and other organisations, allowing seamless communications with clients or external contacts.
  • Customise your plan: Office 365 doesn’t tie you to a single plan, so you can adapt it with different features depending on your business needs.


The overall flexibility of Office 365 and ease of teamwork allows you to streamline your workflow, improving remote productivity and performance. If you think Office 365 might be a valuable asset to your businesses, we’d be happy to tell you more about facilitating a shift to this service – just contact us!