Setting up your business socials for seasonal events

A new year means a new series of events and national holidays to celebrate. Even though many occasions will be virtual this year, you can still make the most of every celebration with an organised social media calendar.

From Valentine’s Day to National Beer Day, a diary full of occasions awaits us in 2021. Drawing attention to these events is a great way to boost your visibility on social media and add a personal touch to your business’s feeds. Here’s a run-through of all the platforms you can be utilising, and some ways to put your ideas into practice.

Set up your socials

Creating a social media calendar of all the events you want to mention on your business’s page is a simple process that can have a rewarding payoff. There are two main steps to follow to implement this into your social media strategy:

–          Make a list of all of the national days you’d like to mention on your social media feed – National Today is a useful website for this, as it lists all of the notable days throughout the year (including funny ones).

–          Write posts for these holidays and schedule them in Hootsuite or ContentCal. This way, your posts are plotted out ahead of time so you don’t have to panic about thinking up a jokey post on National Rubber Ducky day!

Creating these posts may be time consuming, but the process holds great benefits for your brand awareness and engagement. A report by Buffer found that 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business.

Email marketing during holidays

It’s a thoughtful gesture to reach out to your customers during national holidays, so let them know you’re thinking of them with a personal, light-hearted e-newsletter. Remember to be intuitive with this messaging and keep in mind that on occasions like Christmas, you may need to send out a message a week or two early to ensure you’re making contact before customers are off for the holidays.

Website offers and theming

A festive or relevant website theme to match an occasion is something we enjoy putting together at Eonic for customers who want to add a colourful message to their marketing in line with the time of year. Occasions like this are also a great time to make an offer, for example, ‘This Easter, enjoy a gift from us with 20% off our design package.’

According to research by BigCommerce & Live Chat Inc, on average websites receive 63% more visits during the Christmas season – so be sure to think of an offer your website visitors can’t refuse!


2021 holds a plethora of events to celebrate, and having an organised calendar to engage with your customers will mean that you’re one step ahead when it comes to a lively, interesting feed. By adding a personal touch to your social media and email marketing, you can provide your followers and customers with a positive and enjoyable experience with your business this year.