Five tips to make your website work for your business

Websites are there to enhance, support and optimise your business. Here are our five top tips to ensure that your website is operating as effectively and efficiently as it should be.

Do you feel like your website isn’t working as well as it should be? Maybe it is not generating enough business; perhaps it is running slowly; or are your customers not spending a long time on it? Well, we have good news! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a better running website. Here are our five easy tips for making your website more successful without even having to spend any money.

Tip 1: Make sure links to other websites open in new windows

This one’s an easy win! Using hyperlinks to other pages on your website and articles on other websites is a great way to boost your SEO. However, many businesses make the mistake of redirecting their visitors away from their own website.

By opening your links in a different tab, you will be keeping your own website open while they visit the other website in a new window. This will also boost your SEO more, because visitors are effectively on your website for longer, making the search engine spiders rank your website higher as the site will be deemed worth visiting. Higher ranked websites will appear nearer the top of the list on a search result, which will help potential clients find your website.

Tip 2: Make sure all the links work

Having broken links on your site is a big no-no. Customers don’t have the time for broken links and poor navigation; it’s an instant turn off and they will just click away, probably to one of your competitors.

Test every link on your website to make sure the visitor experience is smooth and reliable.

Tip 3: Have strong and clear calls to action

Your website is there for a reason: whether it’s to make an immediate sale, or persuadeget the visitor to get in touch, your call to action needs to be clear and obvious. Make sure all navigation points towards this aim and assess the effectiveness of your website against these objectives.

Tip 5: Make sure your above-the-fold messaging and calls to action support your business aims

Above-the-fold simply means anything that will be immediately visible when your clients visit your website. It is important to consider that how much your visitors see will vary depending on whether they are viewing your website on a mobile or desktop device.

If you’re an e-commerce site and clients have to scroll for ages to be able to purchase then they will click away and you will lose sales.

Tip 5: Use your website analytics

Your website’s analytics will help you understand which pages people are visiting, where they are clicking through to and when they are bouncing away.

Understanding your website’s numbers will help you improve your visitor experience and increase conversions.

If you’re finding that your website isn’t generating much business, then implementing our tips will be a cost-effective way of optimising it. If you think your website could do with more technical improvements then we will be happy to help. 

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