Make the most of business directories

A simple way to attract more potential customers to your site

By having your business listed in a directory, you’re increasing your site’s visibility, which increases the chances of a sale or lead. But how do you get yourself listed?

What are business directories?

Online directories – also known as business directories or business listings – are an easy way for businesses to build links and draw traffic to their site.

When a person uses an online directory, they want to locate a business that is relevant to their needs – to what they’re shopping for at that very moment.

Benefits of being in a business directory

Having your website linked with another website, whether it is a business directory or any other reputable site, automatically improves SEO ratings and credibility.

Promoting your business in a directory will also help to drive the right sort of traffic to your site, and many directories provide an excellent forum for reviews. Statistics show that more than half of consumers browse reviews before buying, and the more recent the reviews the better your credibility.

How do I get into a business directory

It is quick and easy to sign up to most of the online directories. For instance,, the online version of our old tried, tested and trusted Yellow Pages, offers a free and easy sign-up. You just go to and select the ‘get your free listing’ option.

Listings like these are so important, especially to local businesses. Google also offers its own solution, which we explain in our blogpost on Google My Business.

Do I have to pay to be in a business directory?

Most directories are free of charge for a straight-forward listing, but some do start to charge for a more in-depth service. Start off by exploring what free services are on offer before making a financial commitment.

Should I sign up for all business directories?

There is no point in signing up to everything as you want to capture the interest of genuine prospective customers. These are the people who are more likely to buy your products and review your services and help drive more relevant traffic to your site in the long run. So it makes sense to select only reputable, useful business directories.

What are some examples of reputable business directories?

Have a look at the other businesses already signed up. Have you heard of them and do they have a good reputation? Are they compatible with what your business has to offer? In other words, is it the sort of directory your potential customers are likely to browse? There is no one size fits all for this, and the sort of directory you will need for a local business is different to the listings you will need for a service that is more global. Take a look at Search Engine Journal, which supplies the latest news to the global SEO community.

If your customer base is local, then you’ll want to sign up for some Kent directories, as your customers will use these to find you. For instance, someone looking for a Sevenoaks web design company is more likely to study a local directory. Even if you don’t have a regional customer base, it’s worth checking out local directories, as people often like to work with businesses from the same region.

Examples are:

Want some help getting listed in business directories?

Business directories are a useful part of a marketing strategy, and if you are looking to optimise your web marketing, call on Eonic for advice.

Make the most of business directories
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