Could you do a podcast?

A podcast is a great way to share insights about your sector...whether you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field or you’d just like to share your thoughts about 'stuff', consider starting a podcast.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio files that subscribers can download. It’s a great way to connect with customers and potential customers. It’s an opportunity to develop your understanding of various aspects of your field. You can use a podcast to establish your expertise, or to inform and educate your audience about issues within your sector. And making podcasts can also be good fun.

Many people listen to podcasts as part of their own professional development, or just for fun. Listen to a few yourself and see what styles you prefer. Do you prefer two hosts or one? Do you like a light-hearted tone, or a more serious tone? All these preferences will help you decide what sort of podcast you’d like to make yourself.

What equipment do I need for a podcast?

You’ll need equipment to record your podcast and software to edit the resulting audio file. And you’ll need a podcast host.

Microphone: a gaming headset or basic microphone will do the job at first; but as you get into podcasting you may want to spend out on more advanced equipment.

A computer: you’ll need it to record, edit and upload your audio.

Audio editing software: Audacity from Sourceforge is free and well-respected so it should meet your needs at the start of your podcasting journey.

A podcast host: Your podcast needs to be stored somewhere so that directories can distribute it. That’s what a podcast host does. The best-known podcast hosts are SoundCloud and Podbean, though there are others.

What else should I do?

You’ll need to come up with a title for your podcast . Make sure it’s something you can say repeatedly – because you’ll be saying it a lot! It should be memorable, too. Some examples are the horror podcast Dark Natter; The Wired UK Podcast; the story podcast Heavyweight; You’re Dead to Me, the BBC history podcast; and Business Bunker, Kent’s business radio.

A strong cover art image will make your podcast stand out among all the other offerings out there. You also need it if you want to put your podcast in directories like Stitcher and iTunes. Consider using the services of a professional web designer, who will come up with an image in line with your branding. And they will deliver a file that is ready for you to use straight away.

Some podcasts are scripted; some are not. It’s worth at least giving yourself an outline for each episode so that you cover everything you want to say.

How professional should my podcast be?

Listeners value the rawness of a podcast. And if you spend too long editing it is more likely that you will give up. So there is no need to be too professional. But remember you are presenting your organisation and the services you provide, so be considerate of your listener; and remember that they can switch off at any time.

And finally…

A podcast is a bit of a commitment, and like many worthwhile projects, it’s hard work. Each episode will take a long time to put together, particularly at first. So don’t get discouraged – even if no-one is emailing you full of praise – and keep producing episodes. Don’t expect to make any money directly from it – at least not to start with.

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