Insights into FAQs

Why should I have FAQs on my website?

An FAQ page’s obvious function is to answer questions that clients or potential clients might have. But the responses to your frequently asked questions do so much more than that. Read on and discover why your FAQ page is such a valuable website workhorse.

FAQs control how people get in touch with you

A tweak to the FAQs reduces the number of calls you get; or it can increase them. If you are spending too much time on the phone, a well-written FAQ will allow users to help themselves so they don’t ring you. However, you may want more calls. You might prefer to sell your products directly to leads. Or phone support might be part of your customer-service ethos (and it creates upselling opportunities, too). Your FAQ can encourage website users to pick up the phone by judiciously withholding information and by issuing a call to action.

FAQs resolve customer objections

When your potential customers are looking for a solution, they will have questions and objections that they want resolved. If you can address these objections and answer the questions faster than your competition, you improve your chances of winning that potential customer’s business. Look at  Abel and Cole’s FAQ  to see how authoritatively they take down all objections.

FAQs help you get good search engine rankings

FAQs are SEO gold. You can use, in their purest form, questions that people are punching into search engines. FAQs are an easy way to add authentic, good quality content that is naturally full of keywords. FAQs can also be linked to other parts of your website, and as we all know search engines love good quality internal links.

FAQs show your organisation’s personality

The tone you use when answering questions will tell readers a lot about you and your values. Are you helpful? Do you give users a lot of autonomy to solve their own problems using your product or service; or do you hand-hold from start to finish? Choices like this can help filter in clients who share your values and will get on well with your product or service, while filtering out clients who aren’t prepared to make the necessary investment. Some FAQs include a couple of funny or cute questions – these can generate goodwill; but remember that users who want a serious answer may not be in the mood for joking around.

How can I write a good FAQ?

  • Decide what you want your FAQ to do and come up with a call to action
  • Describe the tone you want your FAQ to take
  • Take a look at your competition’s FAQs and see what features would work on yours
  • Check your list of SEO keywords for questions: you’ll want to address these
  • Raid your sales and marketing material for questions and answers: this content is already written for you!
  • Look for ways to link your FAQ to the rest of your site

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