Sean O’Connor – Web Performance Kickstart

Learn how Eonic designs a website for optimum web performance

When Eonic provide a new website or refresh an existing one, the client is given the option to let us optimise the website for Google search with our  Web Performance Kickstart package.

This case study is a live kickstart on one of our recent clients websites to show the steps involved with optimisation and tracking.

Our clients' website is who are French Property Lawyer’s

You will soon see that the research and optimisation involved regarding the business niche is unique based on the keywords we optimise the website for.

We research the business niche by analysing the competition, Google search results, using 3rd party SEO tools and Google Adwords keyword tool.

Once we have gained this research data and understand the clients market in greater details we can start optimising the pages of the website.

Google Analytics

First of all we make sure that Google Analytics is set up on the website so it can start tracking the traffic it receives, Analytics accurately tracks users coming from it’s search engine, website referrals, directly and social networks. We can see how long users spend on the website, just about every user interaction! So it is a very important tool which we encourage all our clients to use.

In Analytics we set up 4 goals for the Sean O’Connor website, the goals were

  • Website form submission
  • Visits to the contact page
  • Spend longer than 4 minutes on the site
  • View more than 5 pages of the site

When any of these goals are completed we can easily see where this traffic came from and even identify the search keyword they used.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is different to Analytics, it helps to advise us of any website health warnings, in this case we just want to add the website and submit a sitemap page which gives Google access to a page that lists all the pages on the website without having to index it.

The Eonic CMS platform automatically generates the sitemap whenever a new page is added or deleted.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Yes, good old Microsoft have a search engine as well and provide similar webmaster tools, so why not submit the sitemap here as well.

Google MyBusiness

Google MyBusiness (or Google+) is Googles new combined map listing and social platform in one. 

We also verified the address, added the logo, description of the business and created a vanity url.

Website Optimisation

With all the off-site factors taken care of, we then turn our attention to the nuts and bolts of the operation which is to optimise the website.

Having already created a good keyword list, we then set about grouping these keywords relevant to specific pages on the website so that we can start adding “meta-tags ”.

Meta Tags are seen by search engines and are used in the search results as titles and descriptions for each website. 
There is a knack for writing good meta tags as you want to include keywords but you also prefer to write a title that makes for good English.

Here are the main home page meta-tags we wrote for the site:

French Property Law Specialists - Tonbridge, Kent | Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor are French property law specialists who have been providing Legal Advice concerning French Property Purchases, Sales, Inheritance and Tax matters for over 20 years.

  • The title includes one of their main keywords, area and brand.
  • The description affords more text and opportunity to include keywords.

While we are writing unique meta tags for every page on the website we will look at the content and again look for opportunities to add keywords or create headings where appropriate to re-enforce the main keyword group for that page.

Kickstart report & Recommendations

A report is uniquely written at the end of every kickstart which contains all our research, the optimisations we have made and web performance recommendations moving forward.